protein oatmeal recipe

You have probably tried the classic Quaker Oatmeal apples and cinnamon from the store. I always loved the combo of sweet apples with cinnamon. Even though sugar in moderation is totally fine, wouldn’t it be nice to have an option for a low to no sugar equivalent that you can make at home in 5 minutes? Well I have the recipe below for you!



Ready In:

5 min

Calories Per Serving:


Good For:




`-1oz (28g) Whole rolled oats

-10 grams almond flour

-10 grams of chia seeds

-10 grams of flax seed

-3 tbsp egg whites

-10 grams dried apple slices

-2 grams of stevia and cinnamon to desired taste



Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew- Quick Tips:

-You can use any dried fruits, or use fresh fruits instead! ( we just like the dried fruit since it can be made in large batches if you prefer ahead of time)

-If you want to use slices almonds instead of almond flour you can too


Nutrition For Apple Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal

Protein: 14.3 grams

Carbs: 38 grams NET carbs 26.5 grams

Fat: 14.2 grams

  • Fat 36% 36%
  • Carbs 47% 47%
  • Protein 16% 16%

Step by Step Instructions for the Apple Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal

Step 1

In a bowl, first pour in the oats, flax, chia, egg whites, almond, cinnamon and stevia. Add water to your desired thickness of oatmeal.

Step 2

After you combine the ingredients, microwave on high for 2 minutes to 2:30, depending on consistency you like. Enjoy this very filling breakfast!

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