Feta Stuffed Chicken Patties

Do you want to try a sweet and savory recipe? Look no further! This Feta Stuffed Chicken Patties recipe includes sweet bell peppers with the savory feta cheese. It works great as a burger or by itself as the main entree. Check it out below!



Ready In:

15 min

Calories Per Serving:


Good For:

Lunch, Dinner


-1.5 pounds of ground chicken breast

-4oz Reduced fat feta cheese

-1 large red bell pepper


-garlic, onion, salt, pepper to taste



Feta Stuffed Chicken Patties- Quick Tips:

-We love to use the Ole Xtreme wellness wraps like our other No Mess Tortilla Burger recipe here

-You can use any cheese if you’re not a fan of feta, but we recommend trying it first! 

Nutrition For Feta Stuffed Chicken Patties

Protein: 45.9 grams

Carbs: 2.8 grams NET carbs 2.2 grams

Fat:  9 grams

  • Fat 26% 26%
  • Carbs 4% 4%
  • 70% 70%

Step by Step Instructions For Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast Patties

Step 1

First, you will need to add your ground chicken breast to a large mixing bowl. Next crack in the 1 large egg, along with your feta cheese crumbles and seasoning. Thoroughly mix all your ingredients together very well. 


Step 2

Next, form your chicken mix into 4 equal patties. After that, add them a pan on medium high heat. 

Step 3

Lastly, cook the patties for about 5 minutes on each side. Check a small piece to make sure the chicken is cooked through, or use a meat thermometer to make sure it has reached 165. These patties pair well with a nice vegetable or inside of a high fiber tortilla like a burger! Enjoy. 

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