Weight Loss Programs

If you have clicked on this page, you have made the first step in becoming the healthiest version of yourself! This probably is not your first time getting healthy or trying to lose weight. For 84% of our clients this was not their first time either. It is hard to admit when you need to get some support, but that is truly the hardest part. Let us show you the easier part now of how we can help. 

According to some sources, the average cost of hiring a personal nutritionist is $75-$125 per session! What if you could have a program that helps you slim your waistline but not slim your wallet so much? 

In this day and age, it is so difficult to get correct information regarding proper nutrition and how to lose weight in a safe, fast, and effective way. We believe in a balanced approach to weight loss and nutrition. No fads, No ultra low calorie starvation diets, and no prescriptions or shots. 

We have a 4 phase approach to weight loss-

  • The "Jumpstart"- a 3 day long phase where we want to prepare your body to eating real, healthy foods without a lot of restriction. We want you to prepare mentally and get some shopping done. During this phase we are going to be customizing your food plan and setting you up for success in the next phase.
  • The "Weight loss"- this is the part of the program where we will support and guide you through the entire process. You are not left alone to figure things out on or just given a package of supplements and hung out to dry. Your dedicated weight loss coach customizes your food plan to fit your lifestyle and helps you understand why you are eating what you are eating. Each week you will consistently lose weight and see results. You can choose to add our high protein "Fst-Snacks," or you can just do the program with food from the grocery store only. We can help you to get a new perspective on eating out and socializing while still eating healthy and losing weight. You will also have access to our exercise program "EXCYT" designed by our certified personal trainer. He will explain the routine and make any modifications to tailor to your needs. You always have support, motivation, tips, and supervision to make sure you succeed this time!
  • The " Transition"- this is where you have continued support after reaching your goal. We want to increase your food intake and help you to stabilize your weight. This is to STOP the yo-yo effect you have probably dealt with before with your weight. 
  • The "365 maintenance"- this is where you have now learned some amazing habits and truly developed a new lifestyle, but still have access to a fitness and nutritional program for any new goals you might have. It is also great for long term success to have the support and supervision in the time shortly after losing and stabilizing your weight. We want to help you get into the mindset of assessing your weight before a few pounds becomes 10 or more! 


Whats's included in all of our programs:

  • UNLIMITED weight Loss coaching and supervision for the length of your program. You will have a weight loss expert guiding, instructing, and encouraging you the entire time. NO MORE guessing what to do or how to do it, because you have constant access to a real person, your dedicated weight loss coach who will always guide you in the right direction. 
  • HIGH PROTEIN SNACK OPTIONS: your choice of our very delicious shakes, bars, and smoothies ( optional on our program) 
  • FOOD BASED ONLY: If you do not want to use any products at all, we offer a food based only solution to your weight loss. No pills or supplements required. We do not believe you have to use our shakes and bars to lose weight, we simply offer them as a tool for high protein delicious snacks while you are on our program. 
  • PROVEN nutritional weight loss program that will be customized to fit your needs and lifestyle, not just a one size fits all program
  • FAST, SAFE, EFFECTIVE strategies for losing weight in healthy, nutritionally balanced way. You won’t be hungry and feel deprived because it’s not an ultra low calorie program. This will be a model for long term habits that will help you sustain your weight. 
  • SIMPLE check ins through the platform of your choice; calls, text, email, and google or zoom video conferencing. Lose weight quickly in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. No group meetings required 
  • FREE exercise program designed by our certified fitness expert. EXCYT can be done by any level, and we can modify to work with your ability if you are new to exercise routines
  • ACCESS to all specials on services and products 
  • Amazing recipes that the whole family can eat!

Instead of $199, we have reduced the price to a $39 enrollment fee for our $59 a month weight loss coaching. That's right, ONLY $59 a month for a proven weight loss program where you will receive guidance and supervision to reach your health and fitness goals. You will receive a dedicated weight loss expert, weekly check-ins, access to recipes, and our free EXCYT fitness program designed by our certified personal trainer. 

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We also have a 30 day weight loss program, where you can expect to lose up to 15 pounds, and it includes a months worth of your choice of our high protein "Fst-Snacks." With this you will receive a nutritional program, a dedicated weight loss expert, weekly check-ins in the comfort of your own home, recipes, and our free EXCYT fitness program designed by our certified personal trainer.

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We also have our full year program, with the best value you for your money. You can expect to lose up to 100 pounds with this program, and keep it off too! Our full year of coaching includes 365 days of weight loss coaching to not only get you to your goal, but help you to stabilize your weight and maintain it for good this time. In the one year program, you get to try a month our delicious high protein snacks of your choice. You will receive your nutritional plan customized for you, along with weekly meal planning options to make it as simple to follow as possible. You have a dedicated weight loss expert, weekly check-ins in the comfort of your own home, recipes, and our free EXCYT fitness program designed by our certified personal trainer.


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Still not sure which program is right for you? Feel free to call us anytime at 617-588-2115 Ext. 2 and we would be happy to help discuss your options or explain our program more for you. You can also book a free consultation by clicking HERE. 

    Most clients lose an average of 1.5-3lbs a week with NO exercise required. We do encourage you to use our free EXCYT exercise plan designed by our certified personal trainer that’s included with your memberships for even better results and health benefits